Agni Hotra is an ancient ceremony which uses fire as a meduim for spiritual, emotional and mental purification. 

Agni Hotra is an ancient art of 'Yajna' or sacred offering. When we offer special wood to make a sacred fire, and offer fruit, rice, ghee and our hearts to that fire....a special exchange of energy is taking place between ourselves and the Divine.

This exchange of energy leaves us purified from certain qualities we wish to give up and full of spiritual energy.

All people involved, the area where the Agni Hotra will be carried out and the whole of Malta will be purified. Prabhu especially dedicates Agni Hotra here to helping our Mother Malta and all of our ancestors to contribute to a better future for us all

It is optional if/how much you would like to offer. Bringing rice and fruit is nice, and the NGO will also gratefully accept your offerings which will be used to organise more events like this in the future as well as the publishing of books etc

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