The Upanishads are hailed as a supreme philosophical work, and because they constitute the concluding portions of the vedas are called 'Vedanta'. The Upanishads are one of four genres of text that make up the famous vedas.

Historically the knowledge was passed down very carefully, from teacher to student as the student was really to assimiliate new knowledge.

In this talk Prabhu Darmayasa, who is an expert in Sanskrit (the original language of the Vedas), will be explaining the essence of the Upanishads. Many serious philosophical questions about the meaning of our existence, the value of our human life, and how to progess spiritually, and many more will be addressed. 

Prabhu Darmayasa will also be taking questions to allow you to clarify any points on the philosophy of the Vedas.

This event is run by donation but booking is essential as we need to arrange seating and will be offering refreshments.

To book please send a message to our facebook page,, or message 99600498