Diksha giving is a ceremony of initiation. What we mean by initiation is that the 'mind of the guru and the student become one' for that moment...and through this the student can receive the blessing of Guru's grace and power.

Guru means 'remover of darkness' and we refer to God or Divine Power as the ultimate Guru. The master in human form is like a piece of wire connecting the student to the ultimate guru - divine power.

In reality one's Atman or Soul (“Self”) is the real and ultimate Guru and there is none above the “Self” (that is why Self-Realization is the ultimate goal.) But this is a way too abstract a concept for common individual (who is living in a “mudhawastha” – veil of ignorance.) Therefore, one needs to adopt a Guru until the presence of the Guru "Within" is sufficiently clear. It takes ages and ages before an individual can attain (of realizing that the “Self” is the true Guru), hence the need of a Physical Guru (or Shaktipat Guru specifically) whom you can see with your own eyes, in the initial stages.

In ancient traditions the student went though a rigorous discipline of spiritual practice in order to be able to receive the blessing from his master. The reason is that some exchange of energy between the master and student must take place to facilitate the diksha giving.

In our modern world it is difficult for us to undergo the same preparation, so instead a monetary donation is requested. This donation must be something worthy of sacrifice for you. We set an expected amount for you to gauge with, but if this is too much for you please do contact us to discuss something that is more appropriate for you

This is the only event based on expected Darshina, (108 euros) -which is for receiving the blessing and for contributing to the spiritual offerings done in sacred places when Prabhu Darmayasa returns to India.

To prepare for this event we suggest the following: vegetarianism for at least a few days before, fasting the day of Diksha itself, respectful clothes (no shorts, open breast, short dresses, minimum jewelry etc).

Be aware, this event is committing a spiritual seeker to his daily regular spiritual practice, an honest spiritual discipline.

People who have already received Diksha are encouraged to attend also, to receive the blessing from the space, receive Prabhu's teachings and enjoy the special environment that will be created through the ceremony.

Registration is essential! For more information call Yasmin 79490505

The money that will given in exchange for the Diksha giving, will not be opened here in Malta and will be taken to India to Guruji, Prabhu Darmayasa's spiritual master.

Find the link to the Facebook Event HERE.