Prabhu Reflection: Say No Problem to Problems

Say No Problem with Problems

Nobody lives in this world without problem. We all have problems. Some people accept problems and some don’t accept the problems. Some see the problem as a blessing and some see it as a disaster. And even when you come to meditation, you will still bring problems. Some will see it as blessing, others as a curse. Then after doing meditation for 2-3 years when people still have problems, they blame God. “God what are you doing? I am meditating well but i still have problems.” 
So problems are always there till we die. We start our life by crying (with problem) and when we go from this world we will give tears, will make people cry with a lot of pain. So our problem continues. Now how will we see the problem? In meditation we see the problem as... in the first step we will see as an exercise. Like in the school, when a teacher gives you exercises it makes you become better, clever, and allows you to go to the next class. And finally the last step, in meditation we will see the problem as a blessing. 
The problem will become as big as you make it. Mostly problems will help people to grow. Only when you are not making yourself strong inside, then the problem will eat you. When you make yourself strong inside, then a mountain of problems will become very small...but of course tears and pain will be still there. Maybe you will feel them in a lesser or greater way. So we need to understand that problems will always be with us, just as our shadow follows us. Problems are our shadow but mostly we think problems are created by others. When you make yourself stronger through practicing meditation, the problem will become smaller. 
Actually sometimes you need problems. When you have problem, then you will say thank you for the problem.That is one of the good ways to live with problems, as problems will never leave us. 
Now we need to understand that problems are our own “heritage”. Never blame others when you have a problem. In a practical way we still need to be careful with the source of our problems. If it is caused by animals,humans etc, then we should keep our distance from them. Try to find out the way to save yourself from the problem. But in short we understand that problems will never leave us and we need to be stronger inside, and that you can do only through meditation.



Daily Blessings

In daily life, God is pouring his blessings upon us, like rain. A rain of blessings, of good good things, but we don’t understand the importance of these blessings. Many things in our daily life, we ignore in an easy way. We need to understand this mistake...we are doing a great mistake, ignoring the priceless blessing of God. Of course God gives blessings every day if we understand it. Also God gives us lots of chances to make good progress in life but we are ignoring this in an easy way.

I will give you one This body cannot move, cannot be alive without food. Right? Without food we cannot live. This body will die after a few days. But what happens in our daily life? God blesses us with lots of food. We cook well, but we eat only a little and throw half or more away to the dust bin. In a very easy way, with no guilt. This is a small example of us ignoring the blessing of God, with no guilt. We are wasting God’s blessing.

I learnt how to respect the blessing of God in the form of food through a family in India. In 1984, November or December...I met them. They let me stay in their house for three months, feeding me for the whole time. I saw them cooking very little, and they gave me, and all the family members only a little food. I was thinking they are very stingy. They cook and distribute only a little. But once we ate then they gave more of other items. And the amount of food they cooked was enough to satisfy us all. They never wasted the food. They prepared little but enough. Nowadays in general, people cook extra...and half a bag will be thrown away. We feel we are being generous with that way of life. But actually we can see how many people in the world have no food, even when working hard. They work hard but can’t get enough food. And we are not working too hard, but food comes yet we waste it. (to be continued)



Angka Anniversary Celebration Report from Bali

The celebration in Bali was conducted in two main cities; the capital Denpasar and Singaraja in North Bali, but many other members also practiced in their own villages. This year the anniversary celebrations were less extravagant than usual, but we continued with the tradition of visiting the main temples in Bali, to ask to be blessed by God. Visiting Besakih, Goraja and other temples was on the program, as was visiting local orphanages and distributing free medicines and medical services, headed by Doctor Tirta, who flew all the way from Kalimantan to head up the program. In the ashram, in the Giri Raja hall many came to receive their treatments and enjoy the automatic massage machine which they brought specially for the occasion.

In the ashram they completed reading 18 chapters of the Bhagavad Gita, they conducted Agni Hotra, and launched a new CD with the Gita Arathia and Gita Mahatmya. The music was arranged by Mr. Komag Arjawa, Mr. Sudiana, and Adi Ambara with the english translation read by Nikita Van Oijen from the Netherlands. In the ashram a full cultural program was held started with the youngest Angka Meditation members performing different dances. The youngest dancer was Maha Laksmi, Prabhu Darmayasa’s adopted daughter, who danced with Rani, Chaya and Ayu. They were followed by Darma and Prema who danced the Gopal dance, although they took pauses to argue even during the dance, which the audience enjoyed very much.. Next was a trio of Prabhu’s children, Hari Dharma, Veda Dharma and Ina Dharma together with Ipang and Indis, who sang Prabhu’s song ‘For the Sake of Others’. The Puspangali Dance was also performed by other young meditation members, followed by a yoga demonstration and a performance of the Hirayanakasipu Dance with both Indonesian and Sanskrit commentary. Finally the Tumpung cake was cut with Ashram high priest Ida Purohita.



Prabhu Darmayasa - April visit write up

Dear friends: brothers and sisters. 

The 9th visit of Prabhu Darmayasa is complete, and the blessing of his knowledgeable presence will continuously support our life. We have learned a lot! The circle of Numbers brings us to the Alfa & Omega, the beginning and end point: use your human life purposely, up to your best; value your human life and be with others in peace and respect: prize the Divine world surrounding us, where we have a short stay; develop your capacity to receive Divine love with a pure heart; practice Angka meditation during your life-time and use it in the moment of departure, when nothing will matter except the happy smile of your heart. 

Now we are moving to the next curve of the spiritual evolutionary spiral. Angka meditation supplies the fuel! Use the Divine Numbers as a great tool of self-development – towards the liberation of soul, essential truth and Divine Love. May peace be with All! Shantih, Shantih, Shantih…

Lessons received from Rasa Acharya Prabhu Darmayasa.

• Submit yourself to the Will of God. Everything happens by God’s Grace. Our challenge is to be humble and surrender near the Lotus feet of the Divine, in humility: this is the only possible status if we are truly searching for Unity with God. 

• There is One God for all. To be a follower of God is the true religion. From the Holy books of many existing religions, God creates man as He is… What are we? The same design (human) is reflected in all the nations. To chant the Holy Name and remember God at all the times is the deepest devotion, and the simplest one.

• Importance of Spiritual teacher. Even the real Guru is God, following a spiritual teacher is important, it is “the wire of great electricity, to provide blessings from above”, and to supply the knowledge that can help us go beyond the obstacles of life. Salvation occurs through heart and soul, and not from formality. For this to happen we need to keep connected to one’s guru. So, choose your guru carefully, and then surrender under his guidance. According to Vedic tradition, we have to accept the path of our duty. Our mother is our first guru. The worship of mother, father and preceptor (teacher) is most important. People who attend to that duty will succeed in many areas of their lives. Treat your gurus with respect whatever they will command, be they right or wrong, this should be done unhesitatingly,

Never harm others by your words, by thoughts or by your actions. This is the foundation for true spiritual progress
— Prabhu Darmayasa

• Do not hurt others: on the physical level, by words and in your mind. Be in love and peace with all, to whole humanity - not just towards your community or family. Extend your life-view. Life is a field of unity, not the battlefield of the individuals.

• Take care of others.
When we have excess money to spend on worldly pleasures we follow vices and ignore the real mission of our human life. Take care of poor people in need, invest into some poor kids good education – decrease misery and help the world to be a more happy place. One part of your wealth belongs to the world that supports your wealth: the land, the air, the wind… etc. Be beyond greed.

• Watch out for the obstacles for spiritual progress.
Learn to manage your Ego, Anger, Greed, Attachment and Lust: these are the obstacles to our spiritual success. Keep your surroundings clean and follow the spiritual discipline. Revalue your life priorities. Focus on your best qualities and always be ready to receive the Divine blessing.

• Make the soul priority
The real value is not in the Rituals, but in the pure heart spiritual desire and essential knowledge. Sacrifice the stereotypes that separate you from the other world. Unify with essence of Yoga – the Divine nature of our soul...



Beyond the Brain

We are 4 days into the 9th visit of Rasa Acharya Prabhu Darmayasa, from Bali, Indonesia, and already the stories of experiences that defy logic are piling up.

Today one person was telling the story of how he had severe back and neck pain prior to attending his first meditation session. After just a 5 minute meditation, he couldn't believe that the pain just completely disappeared. He had often experienced this type of crippling pain, and knew how hard it was to relieve himself of this experience was very significant.

After leaving the meditation, he had a couple of hours before the next program...Agni Hotra. But suddenly he started feeling a severe stomach pain. Surprising himself he somehow made it to the event, with his reluctant son in tow.

Once arriving he tried to occupy his teenage son with his mobile...but to his great surprise his son declined and became totally absorbed in the Agni Hotra. As soon as the Agni Hotra started, the surprises continued as his stomach pain vanished. And once it was completed his son asked the organisers when the next event would be. 

These simple but special moments can only be understood through the heart. They take us beyond the brain...'collapse your mind, and open your heart'.



Prabhu Darmayasa arriving in Malta on Friday

Prabhu Darmayasa will be arriving in Malta on Friday at 14:20 for a ten day visit. This is his 6th year visiting Malta and every visit he holds classes teaching Meditation and Yoga. 

This visit you can find information on events for the public under the events tab here or on our Facebook Page.

Prabhu Darmayasa is one of the founders of Number (Angka) Meditation. He is the author of many books on meditation and spirituality, including one printed here in Malta. His book 'Spreading Spiritual Pearls' is available in all Agenda outlets. Prabhu founded a centre for meditation in Bali, Indonesia, but he travels around the world teaching and spreading knowledge of Divine Love.