Radhe Radhe 

Last night Prabhu conducted a private session teaching Number Meditation to a group from Italy. Prabhu was given an amazing reception. I was surprised on arriving at the location to find the group outside in a line, showering Prabhu with flower petals and singing Narayana, Narayana, Naaaarayana.

Once we entered into the hall each guest offered a small bouquet of flowers to Prabhu's feet. During the session they were fully absorbed into the teachings, not taking their attention away even for a moment.

They asked many questions as Prabhu explained the power of Number Meditation and how we should practice. As always the focus is on the practice, and so we did a group meditation together, followed by Prabhu teaching them Pranayama techniques.

Prabhu gave to all Holy thread (Nava Dhatu) and Mala, which the group appreciated very much. Jose and Ana Maria the organizers also presented Prabhu with a meditation bowl, small but with a beautiful sound.

The energy in the room was electric and we finished the evening singing Hari Om. As we came to leave, again they showered Prabhu with rose petals and confirmed that they will be seeing him again soon when they visit Bali in February.

To see more photos of the event click on the photo to the right!

Shree Dhuna Guru!


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