Prabhu Darmayasa visits Malta for the 8th time

Our Angka Meditation Europe NGO was very happy to once again host Prabhu Darmayasa on his 8th visit to Malta. The community in Malta is growing and with it the commitment and resolve to practice meditation. After every visit the community here is left inspired by Prabhu's spiritual teachings and simple advice on how we can raise our lives towards the divine love platform.

Chanting in Mellieha

The first of event of the visit of Rasa Acharya Prabhu Darmayasa was a trip to do meditation and chanting in the beautiful location of Mellieha.  Prabhu started by reminding us of the importance of our human lives and the basic principle of not harming others, with our mind, body or lips. As soon as Prabhu finished his prayer, the sky suddenly lit up in the most magnificent sunset.

The blessing was felt by all!

Gozo Visit

Prabhu Darmayasa always visits an important temple site in Gozo. This visit we did meditation in the beautiful Ggantija temples, a place Prabhu never wants to leave after doing meditation there. Once we arrived it started raining, but all were happy to do their prayer and meditation while standing under umbrellas. The power of the blessing of Prabhu's visit is so strong, all were happy to brave the rain.

After Ggantija we drove to Dwejra to visit the island sea. A place Prabhu had seen many times in pictures and always wanted to go....and now his wish manifested! We took a boat ride through the cave and out into the open sea. As soon as the boat left the shore, the sun shone through the thick layers of cloud and accompanied us for the entire trip. A group of meditation members in the second boat could see two dragon flies following behind Prabhu's boat.

As always an ordinary activity with Prabhu is transformed into a beautiful prayer.

 1hr Meditation Class

After many times teaching just a 5 minute meditation. This time Prabhu was inspired to go deeper with his teaching of the technique, so we organised a one-hour meditation class. We started with Yasmin and Anton leading the group in Surya Namaskar (sun salutation) and Pranayama.

Once Prabhu arrived, everyone could feel the change in the energy, especially during his prayer. Prabhu suggested to all to practice a one-hour meditation at least once a week.  What is meditation?  

Meditation is "close your connection with the material world, open your connection with God".

He did not go into the details of the meditation but guided everyone directly into the practice. Doing meditation with Prabhu is always special and much easier to go into a deep state, difficult to stop! We ended with a group prayer, sharing the blessing of our meditation with others who need our prayer


Diksha with Prabhu Darmayasa is always an extraordinary event. Every time there is always some phenomenon that is extra special. This time an amazing photo was taken by Nikita Arnett which truly captured the power in the room.

The explanation by Prabhu of Diksha was as inspiring as usual. Reminding us to start a new life, with a new priority. The importance of disciplining ourselves in our practice; especially through our morning routine of programming the number. When Prabhu is explaining like this, the words are not ordinary words, you can feel the words touching your heart and purifying your being. Each person taking initiation was given a special holy cloth from Guruji's temple in India as well as mala bracelets.

After each initiate was given special attention and transfer of power by Prabhu, he was still vibrating the blessing to all in the room. Everyone was so touched by this that when Prabhu started to sing, everybody joined in whole-heartedly with pure joy. Everybody left the gathering once again impressed by the scale of the power of Dhuna Guru's blessing.

Agni Hotra

We were truly blessed to have Prabhu Darmayasa with us at the time of Diwali, and to be able to celebrate this special day with Agni Hotra. The gathering was very special, with many people joining from all different parts of Malta. One of the most special moments was to see two boys aged around 11 years old, sitting in the front, listening to every single word of Prabhu's satsang. In the end one of the boys also asked Prabhu, "what do you mean that we often misuse God?".  How special it was to see these children so engaged with Prabhu's speech and to also hear Prabhu explaining this teaching in such a simple and delicate way!

The gathering was started with chanting God's holy name in the form of Radhe Govinda mantra. We sang together in an extra blissful way, many very big smiles around the circle, and we all appreciated Prabhu's explanation of the meaning of the mantra. The ceremony itself was a very deep experience and you could see people's faces had changed. We distributed Prasadam and gave Nava Dhatu thread to all whilst singing Narayana Narayana. Everybody left the gathering with a truly blissful joy and already starting to feel how much they will miss Prabhu when he returns to Indonesia.

Equal Opportunties Conference

Prabhu was invited to speak at a conference on equal opportunities which was attended by leaders from many different religious traditions. Even though the conference was all in the Maltese language, Prabhu showed great respect to the local traditions and was very happy to be there.

His speech was all about togetherness, and he underlined the message that all religions and spiritual traditions should bring us into togetherness. Oneness and unity is the basis of a peaceful and At the end of his speech many of the audience members gathered around Prabhu and one women commented about how Prabhu speaks not from his mind, but from his heart - and that is why his message is so captivating!

You can view his speech at the conference here!