We are 4 days into the 9th visit of Rasa Acharya Prabhu Darmayasa, from Bali, Indonesia, and already the stories of experiences that defy logic are piling up.

Today one person was telling the story of how he had severe back and neck pain prior to attending his first meditation session. After just a 5 minute meditation, he couldn't believe that the pain just completely disappeared. He had often experienced this type of crippling pain, and knew how hard it was to relieve himself of it...so this experience was very significant.

After leaving the meditation, he had a couple of hours before the next program...Agni Hotra. But suddenly he started feeling a severe stomach pain. Surprising himself he somehow made it to the event, with his reluctant son in tow.

Once arriving he tried to occupy his teenage son with his mobile...but to his great surprise his son declined and became totally absorbed in the Agni Hotra. As soon as the Agni Hotra started, the surprises continued as his stomach pain vanished. And once it was completed his son asked the organisers when the next event would be. 

These simple but special moments can only be understood through the heart. They take us beyond the brain...'collapse your mind, and open your heart'.