The celebration in Bali was conducted in two main cities; the capital Denpasar and Singaraja in North Bali, but many other members also practiced in their own villages. This year the anniversary celebrations were less extravagant than usual, but we continued with the tradition of visiting the main temples in Bali, to ask to be blessed by God. Visiting Besakih, Goraja and other temples was on the program, as was visiting local orphanages and distributing free medicines and medical services, headed by Doctor Tirta, who flew all the way from Kalimantan to head up the program. In the ashram, in the Giri Raja hall many came to receive their treatments and enjoy the automatic massage machine which they brought specially for the occasion.

In the ashram they completed reading 18 chapters of the Bhagavad Gita, they conducted Agni Hotra, and launched a new CD with the Gita Arathia and Gita Mahatmya. The music was arranged by Mr. Komag Arjawa, Mr. Sudiana, and Adi Ambara with the english translation read by Nikita Van Oijen from the Netherlands. In the ashram a full cultural program was held started with the youngest Angka Meditation members performing different dances. The youngest dancer was Maha Laksmi, Prabhu Darmayasa’s adopted daughter, who danced with Rani, Chaya and Ayu. They were followed by Darma and Prema who danced the Gopal dance, although they took pauses to argue even during the dance, which the audience enjoyed very much.. Next was a trio of Prabhu’s children, Hari Dharma, Veda Dharma and Ina Dharma together with Ipang and Indis, who sang Prabhu’s song ‘For the Sake of Others’. The Puspangali Dance was also performed by other young meditation members, followed by a yoga demonstration and a performance of the Hirayanakasipu Dance with both Indonesian and Sanskrit commentary. Finally the Tumpung cake was cut with Ashram high priest Ida Purohita.