In daily life, God is pouring his blessings upon us, like rain. A rain of blessings, of good good things, but we don’t understand the importance of these blessings. Many things in our daily life, we ignore in an easy way. We need to understand this mistake...we are doing a great mistake, ignoring the priceless blessing of God. Of course God gives blessings every day if we understand it. Also God gives us lots of chances to make good progress in life but we are ignoring this in an easy way.

I will give you one This body cannot move, cannot be alive without food. Right? Without food we cannot live. This body will die after a few days. But what happens in our daily life? God blesses us with lots of food. We cook well, but we eat only a little and throw half or more away to the dust bin. In a very easy way, with no guilt. This is a small example of us ignoring the blessing of God, with no guilt. We are wasting God’s blessing.

I learnt how to respect the blessing of God in the form of food through a family in India. In 1984, November or December...I met them. They let me stay in their house for three months, feeding me for the whole time. I saw them cooking very little, and they gave me, and all the family members only a little food. I was thinking they are very stingy. They cook and distribute only a little. But once we ate then they gave more of other items. And the amount of food they cooked was enough to satisfy us all. They never wasted the food. They prepared little but enough. Nowadays in general, people cook extra...and half a bag will be thrown away. We feel we are being generous with that way of life. But actually we can see how many people in the world have no food, even when working hard. They work hard but can’t get enough food. And we are not working too hard, but food comes yet we waste it. (to be continued)