Say No Problem with Problems

Nobody lives in this world without problem. We all have problems. Some people accept problems and some don’t accept the problems. Some see the problem as a blessing and some see it as a disaster. And even when you come to meditation, you will still bring problems. Some will see it as blessing, others as a curse. Then after doing meditation for 2-3 years when people still have problems, they blame God. “God what are you doing? I am meditating well but i still have problems.” 
So problems are always there till we die. We start our life by crying (with problem) and when we go from this world we will give tears, will make people cry with a lot of pain. So our problem continues. Now how will we see the problem? In meditation we see the problem as... in the first step we will see as an exercise. Like in the school, when a teacher gives you exercises it makes you become better, clever, and allows you to go to the next class. And finally the last step, in meditation we will see the problem as a blessing. 
The problem will become as big as you make it. Mostly problems will help people to grow. Only when you are not making yourself strong inside, then the problem will eat you. When you make yourself strong inside, then a mountain of problems will become very small...but of course tears and pain will be still there. Maybe you will feel them in a lesser or greater way. So we need to understand that problems will always be with us, just as our shadow follows us. Problems are our shadow but mostly we think problems are created by others. When you make yourself stronger through practicing meditation, the problem will become smaller. 
Actually sometimes you need problems. When you have problem, then you will say thank you for the problem.That is one of the good ways to live with problems, as problems will never leave us. 
Now we need to understand that problems are our own “heritage”. Never blame others when you have a problem. In a practical way we still need to be careful with the source of our problems. If it is caused by animals,humans etc, then we should keep our distance from them. Try to find out the way to save yourself from the problem. But in short we understand that problems will never leave us and we need to be stronger inside, and that you can do only through meditation.